Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

Tasting: One small bite for a woman, one giant bite for mankind ?

ITN News, 05.08.2013

Hanni Rützler is the first person in history to tuck into a burger made by turning cells from live animals into meat in the lab. She was part of a tasting panel convened in London for the cooking and eating of the world's first lab-grown burger. Scientist-turned-chef Professor Mark Post produced the burger from 20,000 tiny strips of meat grown from cow stem cells. The lab-grown 5oz (142g) patty cost £250,000 to produce was fried in a little sunflower oil and butter by leading chef Richard McGeown. Nutritional scientist Hanni Rutzler said the burger tasted "close to meat" but that it was "not that juicy". Report by Ashley Fudge (ITN-News).

ITN News